In 1997, Scott Ertl founded Playshops and has facilitated trainings throughout the United States for thousands of participants! In 2002, Scott Ertl began leading Parent-Child Retreats and has trained hundreds of counselors to lead these retreats in their schools. In 2009, Scott Ertl launched the website for parents, teachers and counselors to help children idetify specific areas to improve over 70 areas! Scott Ertl is the national Kids Read And Ride Program Coordinator.  SHMILY coins are wooden tokens for couples, families and friends to show each other how much they love one another.

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The Buoy App The Buoy app provides a quick and easy way to send and receive meaning messages when someone needs a lift-me-up. People in Hospice may decide to leave a legacy video for a loved one so they always know they are loved. People in recovery may want to have hopeful messages when they are feeling an impulse to act out and they are reluctant to reach out to someone, they can watch a video from a sponsor, pastor or loved one to remember to make a better choice. College students and military overseas who are feeling lonely, depressed or isolated can watch a special video from a loved one to feel loved, hopeful, and connected.
Summer Camp Directories
Scott created 132 different summer camp directories nationwide that provide parents the most comprehensive listing of summer camps in that area. Online directories include Art Camps, Sports Camps, Academic Camps and Specialty Camps. These directories also provide helpful suggestions for parents as they prepare their kids for their first summer camp.

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Counselor Directories Finding a counselor can be very difficult--especially when you don't have the time or money to waste. Since counselors specialize in so many different areas, it's incredibly helpful to find someone who has an area of expertise that you need--when you need it most. Scott created Counselor Directories to help find counselors in 100 different cities.

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SHMILY Coins Scott and Jennifer Ertl designed wooden SHMILY Coins for families and couples take great delight in surprising each other with the message:  "See How Much I Love You. " SHMILY Coins quickly become treasured tokens to exchange with loved ones.. 
Playshops Scott Ertl created Playshops to engage participants with creative and cooperative exercises that build morale, communication, trust and teamwork. Scott facilitates Playshops with schools to helps parents, teachers and students strengthen relationships to maximize collaboration and student achievement. In addition, Scott trains counselors to facilitate Playshops at their schools.
Progress Cards Scott Ertl developed 70 Progress Cards to help parents, teachers and counselors provide children with proven ideas and behaviors to help them overcome obstacles & achieve success.

 Friendship Skills
Dealing With Bullies
    Expressing Anger Appropriately Divorce Tips
Get Along With Siblings
Dealing With Death
Parent-Child Retreats Scott Ertl facilitates Parent-Child Retreats for families to enjoy quality time together to talk and play, while remembering past memories and making new ones. Participants are amazed to discover how much they learn about each other in such a short amount of time.
Read And Ride Scott Ertl is the national Program Coordinator of the Read And Ride program. It is an active learning program that is 100% free for schools to promote reading and prevent childhood obesity at the same time. This "novel" program shows school leaders how to solicit used exercise bike donations for students to ride while they read fun magazines and books.

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